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Window Coverings

Curtains and Drapes and Shades [oh my]! Get a designer look for not a lot of money.

Nothing says "ordinary" like store-bought, ready-made window treatments; however, you don't need to break the bank to have lovely window coverings.Think layers and stay with one or two (a hard, like blinds, or a soft, like stationary panels) to get a designer look for not a lot of money, or go all out with 4-5 layers and wow your visitors.

If you are taking on this project by yourself, don't miss the measurements, don't skimp on the textile, and hang them properly!

Curtains and Drapes and Shades [oh my]! With bathroom curtains, almost anything goes.

Luxurious bathrooms are a trend, so don't forget the windows! Almost anything goes, within reason. The most important considerations (before you buy!) are privacy, humidity and functionality (i.e, do the windows open-don't let the treatments interfere with operation). Our faves? Keeping things simple and crisp with synthetic textiles or faux woods to keep your look going for years!

Curtains and Drapes and Shades [oh my]! Pump up your style.

We love drapes!!! They are simple yet can also be pumped up to be down right elegant. Textile choices allow you to choose an eco-friendly, zen feel just touching the floor or a majestic flow of velvet that puddles yards of opulence at your feet.  Decorative rods hold grommets, rings or clips and offer trendy, stylish looks for years. We vote for stationary side drapes...easy care and just gorgeous!

Curtains and Drapes and Shades [oh my]! Get a designer look for not a lot of money with a valance.

So, your panels are up and your hard treatments installed. Ready to add another layer of luxe and finish to your windows? Think about a valance. Not your grandmother's wood box- but upholstered, shaped nail head, sparkly detailed, contrasting welted or fringed.

Whew! A valance is like a bow for your beautiful window package.

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Curtains and Drapes and Shades [oh my]! Arched window treatments add to the style in your room.

Arched windows seem to be everywhere! Do you have one? If so, there are ways to dress this specialty window to add to the style in your room.

Measuring and seeing the entire space as a whole while you dream up your window covering is key for these windows. In some homes, the arches are near the cathedral roofline, others not so far in outer space. All these criteria need to be considered when selecting the most suitable and stylish treatment.

Curtains and Drapes and Shades [oh my]! Blinds deliver the custom look in your home.

Blinds and shades are versatile and cost-effective ways to get that custom look in your home. Using blinds on every window creates a consistent curb style that many neighborhoods require today and, also, allow you to layer on as your budget permits. In new construction homes, you can bundle the cost right into your mortgage to get started quickly and sensibly. Don't only think of blinds for windows, they can be used as room dividers, storage screends and even as a headboard!!

Curtains and Drapes and Shades [oh my]! These aren't your mother's blackout curtains and drapes.

Remember the old days when you couldn't sleep in because the sun was up and you weren't? No worries, blackout liner options are not only great in a bedroom (baby, teen or adult), but in your home theatre suite, too! Love energy efficiency? Using blackout options absorb the loss of heat and can maintain optimal levels of comfort in your space. Live in a noisy condo? Blackout material is heavier and can give you great sound buffering benefits, too!

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