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Create The Living Space Of Your Dreams

Let the interior designers of Decor&You of West Connecticut help you truly love the space you’re in. We specialize in creating interiors that reflect your personality, meet your needs, and increase the value of your home for West Connecticut, Southbury, Newtown, Woodbury, Litchfield, and New Haven County and all surrounding areas.

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What Our West Connecticut Interior Decorators can do for You

Decor&You is a full service interior design company, offering exclusive products, management resources, and inspiration for homes and businesses located throughout the West Connecticut metro area.


Being educated about furniture quality is key for making the best decor investments.


Bringing the "outside" in with seasonal accents is a lovely way to transition and alter the look and feel of your home.


Let me tell you a secret.....most homes are not lit properly. Lighting is what will spotlight your home's beauty. Who knew lighting was so key?

Window Treatments

Nothing says "ordinary" like store-bought window treatments, however, you don't need to break the bank to have lovely window coverings.

Floor Coverings

Flooring options are endless, but your choice must be made with your lifestyle in mind.

FREE Styleprint Services

All of our Styleprint System Services are complimentary with minimum purchase. We also provide Free West Connecticut Design Plans when you call.

Why Decor & You

  • Worry-Free Decorating Solutions: Relax while we present decor options that fit your unique lifestyle.
  • Local and Trusted: Across the nation our clients are loving the space they are in because we find the best decor room solutions that will match their lifestyle.
  • Unmatched Design & Decor Expertise: Beautiful completed transformations to bring the style, comfort and value that you deserve.
  • Beautiful Transformations: Nothing compares to a personally tailored room decor from Decor&You interior design experts.
  • Affordable Solutions: Decor&You delivers your personally tailored dream room for less than you may think!
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$100 Off Design Consultation

*Only When You Call:

*Limited Time Offer. Expires:

Our Promise to You

My team and I are your advocate to "love the space you are in." We will listen to what you want to accomplish. We will consider your personal preferences and resources allocated to the project. We have certified knowledge and understand good design and levels of product quality. We will assist with the parts you delegate to us or oversee and coordinate the entire project until you are ready to step in and enjoy. We are uniquely trained in a system that puts you and your needs/preferences first. And most importantly, we are dedicated to get you the results you desire.

Why Choose Us

Need a fresh look or improved functionality?

Improve your lifestyle and increase the value of your home. Now easier and more affordable than ever.

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We Provide Worry-Free Decorating Solutions with You in Mind

Our Proven Styleprint System

There is nothing like it, nor does anything compare to it. Styleprint enables us to personally style a room for you, through a process that is more affordable than you think. Let us take you from room designs, to purchasing custom products, to installation and the final reveal. Your home will reflect who you are through carefully designed rooms that provide energy and excitement. It can all be accomplished through Decor&You, so relax and take a moment to discover more about us.



Tell us your decorating dreams and dilemmas

It all begins with a quick, pressure-free phone call between you and your Decor&You decorator to assess your style. They will discuss your qualms and concerns about decorating your space. What follows is an in-person review of your space using our Style Success Survey. This survey helps your DecorDesigner better understand your design needs and objectives. The Style Success Survey will reveal what you like and don't like about your space, what your “must haves” include, and what styles you love.


This is where the fun begins!

Sit back and watch while we present decorative options that coordinate with your lifestyle.

Once the assessment is complete, your DecorDesigner will show you three Styleprint designs just for you. We include layouts, sketches, fabric swatches, and samples to bring your Styleprint to life.


Decor&You delivers a customized Styleprint dream room

Decor&You’s decorating experts, follow a process that flows from original design to final implementation. We follow that process with you in mind. From furniture selection to the day of installation, we ensure a hassle and worry-free makeover procedure for all our clients in West Connecticut, Southbury, Newtown, Woodbury, Litchfield, and New Haven County and all surrounding areas..

Our Guarantee

With a small purchase, our Styleprint System Services are given to you for free.

Through Decor&You no aspect of the design process is left undone. We anticipate the needs of our customers. Through our efforts, we have established a higher standard for our services and the decorating industry.

Sign up for *$100 Off your Design Consultation when you call and Love the Space You’re in!

Decor&You is committed to creating fashionable, comfortable and individualized interiors in West Connecticut, Southbury, Newtown, Woodbury, Litchfield, and New Haven County and all surrounding areas.. When we finish, you will love the new look of your space. Our local decorators have the skills to improve the comfort, style, and value of your home or business. Our DecorDesigners listen, observe, and provide design choices that will meet and exceed your needs and wants.

Take advantage of our *$100 Off Design Consultation when you call.. Call us at (203) 285-8693!

Our Expertise

Decor & You Expertise

West Connecticut's #1 Interior Designer

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Pulling it all together

There’s no easy way to put together an incredible looking space. Yes, TV shows make interior decorating appear quick and easy, but there many important decisions to be made and options to be considered. They don't show that part in 30-minute segment. In reality, the process is time consuming, expensive, and overwhelming. At times setbacks and mistakes are expensive and may bring progress to a standstill. You have to look at decorating as a creative process. When this process is coupled with solid design know-how you can be confident in the choices that are made. With this kind of design plan in mind, you can make your dream design a reality.


Do you live in the safe color world of whites, off whites, beiges, and other neutral colors?

Color mistakes can frustrate and intimidate without professional training to know what you are doing. Bad experiences can cause you to fear attempting any color scheme other than beige. That's why a trained interior decorator can help you liven up your home with engaging colors, not just beige.

Color, whether neutral or otherwise, can establish a mood, attract attention, or make a statement. The use of color has a major impact in a decorating scheme. We understand the complexity of color. We can add the right tones to reflect your personality and set the perfect mood for each room.

Furniture Value and Selection

When it comes to furniture, there are questions you need to consider. You want to buy furniture that is right for you and your lifestyle. Ask yourself these questions: How long do I want the furniture to last? Is the design one I can live with if my style changes? Will the size of the furniture suite my living spaces? Will it still work for my needs as I age? Answers to these questions will help you decide what kind of investment to make on furniture.

Saving Time

Free time is a luxury and Americans with busy lifestyles are well aware of how a lack of time can be a real obstacle. So, relax and realize how we can save you time.

Buying design books or decorating magazine is not a guarantee for an improved look for your home. It’s time and skill that make the difference between a successful home decorating project and a half-finished attempt inspired by the latest interior design publication. So, if you'd rather spend your time in the garden, or with friends and family, leave the decorating aspects of life to us. We'll take care of it.

All in the Planning

Do you have a master plan or layout for your dream room, or other areas of your home? Maybe you have a stockpile of miscellaneous decorative items that don't fit anywhere? Like those bar stools you bought on sale, or that expensive piece of metal art you picked up at an auction. Sadly, you later discover that the bar stools or the art are all wrong for your home. A decorating outline would have solved both those dilemmas. Having a plan might not seem spontaneous or fun, but it will give you the guidelines for creating a design you can live with and love.

Product Safety and Your Health

Maybe your home has some questionable aspects that could bring on sickness for you or another family member. It could be attributed to paints, wall coverings, flooring, furniture, and other items that are already in your home. If you don't know where the furnishings originated or what types of materials were used to produce them your family could be at risk.

Ailments such as ADHD, asthma, and cancer have been linked to toxic substances on furniture and accessories. Be aware of the hidden dangers that can exist in your home and investigate those items for toxicity of any kind.

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Our Services

Overcome Decorating Obstacles!

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What You Love is What We Do!

We’ll keep you informed of every step in your decorative adventure. Once completed, your DecorDesigners will be of support to you with any future questions, or design challenges as well.

Our complimentary consultation will set you on course towards your decorating dreams. Contact us today. We’ll help you achieve your decorating goals-from basic advice, to design layouts, to installation.

Endless Possibilities

The possibilities are endless. Our stylists can help you achieve any decorative scenario imaginable. Present us with the look you have in mind. We’ll provide services in the following areas, whether for your home or business:

  • Design Consultation
  • Design and Decor for Residential or Commercial Use
  • Project Management for any Home Improvement Job
  • Spatial Planning and Layout
  • Color Coordination, Expertise and Selection
  • Furniture and Accessories Choices that fit Your Lifestyle
  • Latest and Most Appropriate Window Treatments
  • Flooring, Lighting Bedding
  • Staging Your Home

Our clients love the results of their redesigned spaces. We identify and pursue the decorative solutions that match your lifestyle. Click below to learn more.

Maybe you’re a do-it-yourselfer and just need a few design tips. Maybe you want to take advantage of our full-concierge services. Or you simply need color ideas or a layout design for a room that fits your needs. If any of that is the case, Decor&You has professional, knowledgeable and certified style advisors. We offer just the right design plans and exclusive products that meet your style and budget.

Take advantage of our *$100 Off Design Consultation when you call today. Call us at (203) 285-8693!


Decor & You FAQ

FAQ for West Connecticut Interior Decorating Service

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Why would someone buy from Decor&You as opposed to consulting with an in-store decorator?

A DecorDesigner offers many methods to give you with the decorating help you need. Our Styleprint process gives you a complete rundown of your options. We include a list of the different styles, qualities and price points, available by our vendor sources. They help in supplying you with what you want. We work alongside you from start to finish, through product selection and installation. A store decorator is only able to sell products from the store or a given brand. Also, it may not be the same person that follows up through the entire sale. In most cases, an in-store decorator has not seen the space you are decorating.

How do you get paid for your services?

Because we are a national decorating organization, we buy decor at wholesale prices. Without the overhead of store prices, we can offer our products to you at a competitive price. When you engage in a complete Styleprint Design Plan, there are no design fees. If you want separate services such as a Color Plan, Space Plan, or Accessory Plan, we offer these for an individual fee.

How do I know how much your products cost?

In our initial discussions with you, we determine what you want to invest. From there we provide you with good, better, and best quality choices that will offer both style and cost effectiveness. We aim to meet your specific needs, yet still serve your decorating dreams.

What if I don’t want to buy everything through Decor&You?

Sometimes our clients want to be part of the decorating process, and that’s great! We are happy to work with you as opposed to leaving you with the challenge of the doing it alone. In working with a professional decorator, you can combine our expertise with your own ideas to create your room designs. We provide you with floor and space planning, color selections and other details. We can help you upscale from nice to sensational.

What makes Decor&You different from other decorating companies or individual decorators?

Our methods are unique and exclusive to us. DecorDesigners make a design that fits your personality, taste, and style. We design for your needs, not ours. Our hassle-free Styleprint Design System and tools help our clients make coordinated, high-quality selections. Our goal is that each design reflects your style, your needs, and looks stunning. Discount suppliers provide temporary good looks, what we refer to as “curbside” quality, which means it doesn't last. Decor&You brings you lasting quality and design. We provide you with professional expertise, premium selections, and placement. No one does it better than Decor&You!

Who are the vendors?

Decor&You works with over 100 hand-picked vendors to ensure that we provide a full range of products. Our selection allows us to adapt each design to most styles, qualities, and price points. A number of our main vendors are well-known names. These include: Hunter Douglas, Kincaid Furniture, Seabrook Wallcoverings, and Uttermost. We also work with other specialty vendors that can meet personal design needs.

Do you deliver the furniture yourself?

We make arrangements for delivery of every item, whether they come one at a time or in an all-inclusive package. We work with local delivery services to ensure that your items receive “white glove” treatment and handling. In addition, we coordinate with other installers if your particular design project requires assistance. With us, you are free of any delivery or installation worries, because we do it all.

Do I have to do the painting/wallpapering myself?

We’re the project coordinator for your whole production. You won’t be doing any heavy interior work unless you just want to take care of those kinds of tasks yourself. We have many excellent, local service providers that you can choose from to do those services. We can refer painters, wallpaper installers, and handyman technicians to you, or you can hire your own contractors. We will provide window and carpet installers should your project require them.

What is your product return policy?

All our products are custom ordered so they are not returnable. If an item comes damaged or has defects after delivery, we will coordinate with the vendor to replace or repair the item. We are here to ensure that whatever you have ordered meets your satisfaction.

Can I really make selections without seeing them in person?

Yes, we can organize the entire layout of your space. This way you can get a feel for how the design will look in the areas that you have chosen. Our design tools and broad array of sample swatches applied to your space are a precise and accurate way to get the right look. Using our samples is faster than going from one store to the next trying to hunt down the right item. It's tough to match colors, furnishing, accessories, and other items. Different light in each store, especially fluorescent lights, and can distort your color choices.

Do you design commercial and residential spaces?

Yes, we design for restaurant and bar settings, light commercial offices, and boutique hotels. Home office design is also one of our specialties.

Can you help me incorporate green design within my design plan?

Yes, we have a continuous commitment to sustainable design. As active members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, our designers are Green AP certified. This certification allows us to assess and identify green products for your design projects. Such furnishings are available through a number of suppliers, many of which are manufactured in the United States.

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About Decor & You

Local, Trusted, Top Rated West Connecticut Interior Designer

picture of Interior Decorating Service in West Connecticut

Decor & You - West Connecticut design group furnishes and refines residential and commercial interiors in West Connecticut, Southbury, Newtown, Woodbury, Litchfield, and New Haven County and all surrounding areas. Our design team has the power to simplify how people achieve comfort, style and value in their homes and businesses. And Decor & You delivers it right to your door!

We know that a design project can be overwhelming, confusing, intimidating and time-consuming. With our full service turn-key interior design service you can be assured that we will be there to oversee your project from start to finish—from concept to installation. We are committed to help you make the right decisions every step of the way and create a smooth process. We believe that it is crucial to listen to our clients and take into consideration everything that matters when making decisions to make sure that the design process is fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. We go above and beyond to make sure that we have a collaborative relationship with open dialogue that will facilitate effective solutions and produce the end results expected.

Let the interior designers of Decor & You help you truly love the space you’re in. We specialize in creating interiors that reflect your personality and meet your needs. We believe that your home reflects what matters most. Let us design what matters most to you!

Decor & You - West Connecticut Design Group is a full service interior design company, offering exclusive products, management resources, and inspiration for homes and businesses within West Connecticut, Southbury, Newtown, Woodbury, Litchfield, and New Haven County and all surrounding areas. We are your one-stop, turn-key resource for all your home decorating projects providing not only full interior design but also a la carte services that meet various needs, timelines and budgets.

Whether you are contemplating doing a decorating project, a kitchen or bath remodel, you can be assured and know that we will be your advocate and will be there from beginning till the end of the process ensuring a fun and exciting experience instead of the usual stressful and disorganized chaos.


  • Certified Interior Decorator
  • Green Accredited Professional
  • Graduate of Decor&You® advanced training program with emphasis on project and sales management, advanced principles of lighting, color, texture, scale and balance

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Decor & You Interior Decorating Service

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Magical! Creative use of space, lovely choices of room colors and furniture options. Flows! Love our Home!
Just want to tell you again how much I love my curtains! Looking forward to the arrival of the furniture/rug!

Beautiful Floor Coverings

Decor & You for West Connecticut

Looking for answers on floor coverings?

Whether you are redecorating or creating your dream home, choosing the right flooring is key.

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Answers to Your Floor Covering Needs

Flooring is one of the most basic of design elements. It requires careful and thoughtful consideration to fit the needs of those using it. The floor will always be there, and so will those walking on it, including adults, teenagers, children, and pets. Flooring options are endless, and with lots of choices, final selection should come down to use and lifestyle. For instance, durable flooring is perfect for high traffic areas but not so adaptable for a young toddler who is learning to walk. Function is the key. With so many options to choose from, redecorating or creating plans for your dream home can be tough. Don't worry, we can help you find the perfect flooring that meets your lifestyle needs.

Area Rugs or Wall-to-Wall?

Area rugs can definitely compliment a space. Getting the right size and shape to do justice to the area is key. If they are much larger or smaller for the design space, they can either engulf or dwarf a room and can become more of an eyesore rather than an enhancement. Area rugs can fill the gaps in a space just right. They either separate one area from another, or draw different furniture together to create a cohesive and finished look.

Will Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Function in my Room?

Wall-to-wall carpeting is a quick and efficient way to change the look and feel of a room. Carpet also covers a multitude of flaws that might exist in the floors. Carpeting has various grades and price ranges per square foot. Before purchasing, select a grade that meets or exceeds your lifestyle needs so that it looks good for a long time.

What Fibers Best Suit Your Carpeting Lifestyle?

Wool is a natural and lasting fiber that endures for decades. It’s soft, warm, comfortable, and wears well. Carpets consisting of wool fibers are high-fashion, luxurious, and beautiful.

Polyester, an excellent choice if you have considerable square footage to cover and a limited budget. The patterns and colors can be quite nice. However, it is not the best choice if you are covering high traffic areas, as it easily flattens and mattes.

Polypropylene is an easy to clean fiber, but tends to have a wiry or stiff feeling. It is also known as olefin and is the least expensive fiber with limited color choices.


Hardwood flooring:

Hardwood floors are timeless, visually pleasing, and durable. Sustainability is maintained by using wood from certified forests.

Stone flooring:

Stone is a viable solution for both indoor and outdoor flooring. With expert installation, it can endure the test of time and withstand climate extremes and conditions. However, stone does need more intense care than other types of flooring.

Tile flooring:

Tile is always a safe bet for a flooring choice and it has many benefits. It’s easily maintained and repaired, adaptable to any design scheme, lower cost, and comes in a huge variety of choices.

Laminate flooring:

Laminates have become one of the more popular flooring choices in today’s market. This is because they are durable, attractive, and cost effective. Other benefits include: they are easy to install, adapt to different types of subfloors, have a clean and attractive finish. Laminates usually come with warranties against stains, wear, and fading.

If you are considering new flooring, get in touch with us. Our professional staff will be more than happy to help you save time, effort, and money.

Call today for your complimentary consultation!

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West Connecticut's Premier Window Treatments

Interior Decorating Service for West Connecticut

Get a designer look for
not a lot of money.

You don't need to break the bank to have lovely window coverings.

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Curtains, Drapes, and Shades

Get designer style with little expense

Window treatments don’t have to be so expensive that there is nothing left in the decorating budget for other projects. You shouldn't have to resort to department store, ready-made window treatments as a substitute for what you want. Go with one or two treatment layers such as blinds or shades for texture, along with puddle curtains or stationary panels for a softer effect. To achieve a designer look, use even more layers for a fuller and more luxurious appearance.

Arched Window Treatments Enhance the Design of a Room

Arched windows appear to be the thing to have these days. If you have one, there are ways to enhance this type of window that adds to the style of your room and the window itself.

Bathrooms have changed from mundane and functional to luxurious spa-like retreats. Window treatments in the bathroom are part of the package. There are many options. Just keep these factors in mind: privacy, moisture, humidity, and functionality. Remember, you don’t want a window treatment interfering with the opening and closing of a window.

Blinds Customize the Look of Your Home.

Blinds and shades are a decorating go-to for an attractive and budget friendly way to bring a custom look to your home. Utilizing blinds in a uniform manner on every window creates a consistency that many HOA neighborhoods require. Plus, blinds and shades allow you to add on other window treatments as your budget allows.

Notch up Your Style

Everyone loves drapes! They are a simple yet elegant window treatment choice. Drapes are an uncomplicated means of changing the look of a window. Yet, they can be taken up a notch or two for a bold and defining decorative statement. Textile choices allow for eco-friendly as well as more exotic and indulgent fabrics. There is nothing like flowing, elegant fabrics hanging from a curtain rod and cascading elegantly to the floor.

Get an Affordable Designer Look with a Valance

Once drapery panels are up and blinds or shades have been installed, you may want to add more layering and window definition through a valance. Valances are beyond what they used to be in old-fashioned gathered, horizontal lengths of fabric that set atop a drapery panel. A valence makes a standout, decorative drapery that camouflages the curtain rods and fittings. They can be embellished with striking nail head finishes, contrast welting, fringe, or other details.

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West Connecticut Furnishing

Picture of Interior Decorating Service services for West Connecticut

Furnishings and how to
recognize value.

Being educated about furniture quality is key for making the best decor investments.

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Value Recognition

Watch out for inferior quality furniture imports. Before you believe you are getting a deal with lower cost know that these are usually lower value furnishings. Wood furniture imports have risen from 19 percent in the early 90s to over 64 percent in 2008. These numbers indicate that more and more poorly constructed furniture has entered American homes. Fliers and television ads promote furniture groupings at tag sale prices. These eventually fall apart and are ready for a garage sale a few years later. Educating yourself about furniture quality and value is the key to making furniture investments.

Fabric Differentiation

There is quite a bit to know about upholstery fabric selection. Fabric is either run up the bolt or railroaded. With up the bolt, fabric is vertically run, which may create seams on your upholstered pieces along with fabric waste. Railroaded fabric allows for horizontally run fabric, which eliminates seams and yardage waste. It pays to inquire about the rubs rating of a fabric that is intended for upholstery, bedding, and window treatments.

Poorly Constructed Wood Frames and Materials

Warped frames, loose joints, and uneven finishes are indications of poor quality furnishings. Be on the lookout for these indicators before purchasing any furnishings.

Bonded Leather is not What You Think

Bonded leather is made up of 17 percent actual leather. The “leather-like” lustrous surface of bonded leather is actually composed of up to 83 percent toxic substances. If you thought you were getting a real leather bargain, you did not.

Real leather is a long-lasting material. When it is authentic, it gains character and a rugged, durable appearance, particularly as it ages.

Springs are Sinuous

Steer clear of drop-in frames that are found in most cast off furniture. Instead, choose sinuous springs that are heavy-gauge steel. They are formed into “S” shapes using heat and are the standard of quality furniture manufacturers.

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West Connecticut Accenting

Picture of Interior Decorating Service services for West Connecticut

Bring the "outside" in with
seasonal accents.

Seasonal accents are a lovely way to transition and alter the look and feel of your home.

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Seasonal Accents Bring the Outdoors Inside

Whether you are conscious of it or not, we decorate our homes in a seasonal manner. Holiday decorations consist of pine, pine cones, wreaths, fruit and nut cones. These are usually intertwined with colorful ribbons or gold, silver or glitter type adornments. In winter, your home may be accented with boxes for cut wood, free-standing coat racks hung with wool scarves and hats. Or you may use comfy throws and quilts to add warmth and texture to a large chair or couch. In spring and summer, fresh flowers, potted plants, and cheerful art pieces can bring the seasons to light. Seasonal accents bring the outdoors in and can alter the appearance of your home from one season to the next.

Fall - The Season for Leaves and Other Foliage

With autumn, use fruits and vegetables of the season such as squash, pumpkins, gourds and other traditional items. Dried maple and oak leaves, grasses, pods, cattails and feathers are all reminiscent of the harvest season. Add a selection of accent pillows in orange, rust and mustard to bring fall colors to your living and dining areas.

Winter - Sparkling Lights and Holiday Celebrations

Sparkling lights come to mind when the holidays approach, as do wreaths, fir trees, icicles, and snowflakes. Luminaires can light a pathway to your front door or driveway. Frosted glass pieces, candles, and jewel toned pillows bring illumination and comfort to almost any room in your house.

If you’re a traditional holiday party host, decorate your space with glamour, glitz, and things that shine. Gilded frames, throws that shimmer, and sequined accessories will highlight any party space in your home.

Spring - Reflection on Lush Spring Days

When spring is just around the corner, think about starting an indoor vegetable garden. Use a window facing south and jump start your green thumb. Plants and herbs like basil, tomatoes, and peppers bring to mind eye-popping colors such as red, yellow, and green. If you’re not into gardening, use glass and ceramic containers with silk flowers or greenery. Add spring-themed art that relate to the newness of a spring morning.

Summer - Where the Living is Sweet and Easy

Maybe you like a clean, crisp, white look for summer or a tropical feel with splashes of exotic colors. Why not get a beautiful Finch, such as the African Orange Weaver, whose colors are ever changing? If you’re not into birds, add color with a fruit bowl. Use green limes, yellow lemons, red cherries, or purple grapes, which all reflect bright summer colors. Let your summer living inspire you with a summer decorating plan. Give us a call for your complimentary consultation!

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West Connecticut 's Interior Lighting Experts

Picture of Interior Decorating Service services for West Connecticut

Transform ambiance with
good lighting.

Lighting is what will spotlight your home's beauty.

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Good Lighting Influences the Ambiance of a Space

Most homes today are not well lit and could use improvement. Lighting, to some homeowners, is just another function of turning a switch on or off. The investment you make in lighting various areas of your home goes back to reflection. How a space is highlighted for not only functionality but ambiance. Your home is about reflecting who you are and how your family utilizes lighting in various spaces.

Lighting is what showcases your home. How do you choose task lighting? What kind of light is best, LED, incandescent, or fluorescent? What about lumens and watts? There is a right way to combine and use all these for best light and ambiance in your home. Did you know lighting was so involved?

Dining Room

Lighting in a Dining Area can be a Major Focal Point

In a dining room the light source is oftentimes the focal point of the room. You need just the right lighting fixture to make the room pop. While a chandelier is the traditional lighting fixture in a dining room, is that what you want hanging over your table? If not, there are many other designs and styles that will meet your needs.

To provide the proper lighting in your dining room area, the fixture you choose should be hung about seven feet from the floor.


Dimmers, not Glaring Fluorescents or Sharp LEDs

Proper bedroom lighting wholly depends on how you use the room. If you have a reading area, you will need some type of task lighting that is comfortable for reading. Computer work requires the right amount of light, so you are not straining your eyes switching from tabletop to screen. If you just want a bedroom refuge, you need soft and soothing light. Remove fluorescent and LED lights, and find fixtures that can be easily dimmed to suit your mood.

Home Office

Lighting Choices Depend on the Type of Work Performed

Break down the tasks you perform in your home office and determine what kind of lighting is best for those tasks. There are innumerable choices, so gauge lighting choices by what kind of work you do. More detailed and mechanical work requires task lighting or colder (whiter) light. This kind of light enables you to see the true color of objects. Computer or paperwork requires a more localized lighting that creates a warm aura.


Include Both Ambient and Task Lighting in Pinpointed Kitchen Areas

Your kitchen may already have recessed or “can” lighting. You may want to include energy-saving lighting such as LED lights. These options are good for work spaces and eating areas of a kitchen. Don’t forget to include both ambient and task lighting through pendants, sconces, lanterns, or small lamps. These will help give your kitchen a personal touch.

Living Room

Don’t Under Light Your Living Area

Usually a living room area needs to offer a variety of lighting options. Most living rooms host various activities such as reading, homework, and entertainment. Lighting should be set up to illuminate those activities properly. Resist the urge to under-light your living area. The living room is the center of social interaction; the right lighting will help. The right lighting will improve gatherings and highlight your home decorations efforts.

Lower-Level Family Room

An Activity Plan is the Best way to Create Your Lighting Design

The keyword with this space is "family.” Before you start, come up with a list of all the activities your family does in this area.

With an activity plan in hand, you can create a lighting design that will meet all your needs. You will need general lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting to illuminate family activities. Hanging fixtures along with stand-alone and spotlights can make a family room a pleasure for anyone using it.

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Customer Reviews

Called the company based on previous review. Our design remodel was done to our complete satisfaction. Beautiful. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you again especially to Karen Powell !
Wow! This team is great. From the start to finishing the job, Decor & You was the best. Everyone who worked in our home was professional: always on time, and courteous. We could not have asked for anything more. Karen Powell was great. I won't hesitate to recommend them.
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