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Overview (S_T_Y_L_E)

The Styleprint® Design System in Action

We can work with you through any step of your décor project from

Concept Creation - the creation of your plan
Coordination - of all the parts and pieces to make your creation come to life
Completion - where you walk in  and enjoy!
Or any part in between!
Concept Creation, the beginning, where we learn about you, your space, and your vision typically encompasses a phone interview and an in person meeting (or virtual meeting via skype).  This strategy session will help you to focus and prioritize your project. 
We are happy to offer you a 20-minute conversation to help in focusing you, complimentary.
The full session, worksheets completed with your input and professional, objective recommendations begin at $150 for a small project, part of a room or one room.  Estimate for your project would be determined during your complimentary conversation.
Creating Your Plan with Options is the next portion of your project.  Investment will range depending upon the scope of the project (accessorizing? Color plan?  Entire room—design only? Product specifications that include level of quality preferred?)   Investment begins at $250 ; estimate will be quoted based on your requirements and parameters at the concept creation session.  A retainer would be necessary to begin specific design work and for purchasing product if that is part of your request.
Coordination of Implementation is the next phase of the project.  This begins after your plan has been created and you have approved it.  It is the procurement of product and the choreographing of installation and deliveries.  Scheduling of payments continues.
Set Up/and Enjoy!  Is the final phase.  Everything is in place!  We set the stage for your celebration to relax and enjoy!  Final balance is collected.
Check in and Review.  We follow up to be sure everything is as expected or better!  Is there anything else we may do to be of service?

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