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Decorating Dilemmas

Interior design and decorating dilemmas:

It's not easy pulling it all together


It’s not easy pulling together an incredible look for your space.  The TV might make interior home decorating appear easy - like an instant makeover - but there are lots of important decisions and many different options to choose from.  Sometimes it can become overwhelming, time consuming and expensive to make interior decorating mistakes. Treating decorating as a creative project, using solid design know-how and having the confidence to make appropriate choices, can help make your dream look a reality.

Color Phobia


Do you live in a beige world? Making color mistakes can leave you frustrated and frightened of trying anything but beige on your walls!


With colors, you can set a mood, attract attention or make a statement.  By understanding the intricacies of the science of color impact, you can make your rooms reflect your personality and create the feel you want.

Furniture selection and value


How do you know that the furniture you buy is right for you?  Ask yourself these questions:  How long do I want this furniture to last?  Would I like to hand it down to my children for their home? Is it styled to suit me as my tastes change?  Will it be sized right as I age?  Answers to questions like these will help you make your furniture investment fit just right!

I never have enough time!

Relax, you’re not alone.  Americans have realized free time is a luxury. 

Buying every design book or decorating magazine on the market doesn’t ensure a successful look for your home.  Having the time and the skills can make all the difference in your home decorating project.  Love to garden, or be with your friends and family?  Great! Then leave the decorating to us.

It's all in the planning

Missing a master plan? Whoops! Grabbed those chairs on sale at the store, or bought an expensive piece of exotic art on your last vacation?  Not only did the chairs not fit under your dining room table, but the colors are all wrong in the art!  Having a decorating plan and following it sounds less than fun, but it will go a long way to creating a space you love.

Product safety and your health

Is your home making you or a loved one sick?  It may be if furniture, paints, wall or floor coverings have been purchased without knowledge of country of origin or materials used in production.


Asthma, ADHD and even cancer can be attributed to toxic finishes on decorative items or furniture we place in our homes.  Be sure you know the dangers possibly lurking in your home!

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