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Why would someone buy from Decor&You vs. buying from a decorator in a store? A DecorDesigner offers several ways to get the design help you need. During the full Managed Styleprint process, we source product in all different styles, qualities and price points, from varying vendor sources in order to give you anything you may want. We work closely with you from start to finish, through product selection and installation. A decorator at a store can only sell product from that store or brand, is often not the person that follows up through the entire sale and may not have even visited the space to be decorated.

How do you get paid for your services? As a national decorating organization, we buy at wholesale, without the overhead of a store, and are able to share these products at competitive pricing; so that’s our margin; there are no design fees when you engage in a complete Styleprint Design Plan. If you simply want services such as a Color Plan, Accessory Plan or Space Plan, we can do each of these for a fee.How do I know how much your products cost? During our initial discussions, we learn your investment ranges and provide "good/better/best" quality options that will offer beauty and cost effectiveness to meet your specific needs and still deliver on your decorating dreams.

What if I don’t want to purchase everything through you? Occasionally our clients want to do part of their own decorating, and that’s fine! We like to say we can "do it with you" vs. the challenge of the full DIY experience. Working with a professional decorator can help you accent your beautifully created room designs, provide floor and space planning direction, or help you select colors without any product at all. We can help you go from nice to WOW!

What makes Decor&You different from other decorating companies or individual decorators? Decor&You is different because of our unique and proprietary methodologies that help our DecorDesigners create a space that fits your personality and style--not the decorator’s. Through our frustration-free Styleprint Design System and associated tools, we help our clients make quality, lasting, color-coordinated choices of home furnishings that reflect their style and practical needs while also delivering a beautiful, unique look. Discount suppliers can provide short-term good looks, what we call "curbside" quality; but for professional decorating design, quality selection and placement, no one does it better than Decor&You.

Who are the vendors? We work with over 100 vendors who have been hand selected to ensure that we offer a range of products that can cater to most styles, qualities and price points. Many of our key vendor partners are household names; such as, Hunter Douglas, Kincaid Furniture, Seabrook Wallcoverings, and Uttermost, along with other specialty vendors to meet your personal design style needs.

Do you deliver the furniture yourself? We take our responsibilities very seriously and arrange for delivery of each item; whether they come separately, or in one glorious "reveal". We also work with local "white glove" handling and delivery services that we coordinate along with other installers, as the projects warrant. You don’t have to lift a finger!

Do I have to do the painting/wallpapering myself? Decor&You is the Project Coordinator of the whole production; you will not be doing the heavy lifting unless you wish to take care of these tasks yourself. We have access to a host of excellent local service providers you can select from and engage for these tasks. Painters, wallpaper installersas well as a basic handyman can be referred by us, or you can hire your own contractors. We will provide the window and carpet installer should your project require one.

What is the product return policy? Since all products are custom ordered, they are not returnable; however, if a product arrives damaged, or if there is an apparent quality issue shortly after delivery, we will work with the vendor to follow through to replace/repair the item. We are here to ensure your satisfaction.

Can I really make selections without seeing them in person? Yes, we put together the look in your environment, so you’ll get an excellent feel for how it will look. Our design tools and extensive sample swatches seen in your space is actually more accurate than running from store to store trying to carry color in your head, especially when the fluorescent lighting isn’t the lighting in your room.

Do you do commercial and residential spaces? Yes, we do work with light commercial offices, boutique hotels and restaurant/bar settings. And, of course, home offices are a specialty of ours.

I want green design, can you help me? We are proud of our ongoing commitment to sustainable design. We are active members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, and our decorators are Green AP certified, which enables them to assess and specify appropriate products for your particular needs from a host of suppliers, many of whom manufacture in the USA.

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